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Recognizing our need for genetic diversity, and love of the Hereford breed were the two guiding forces that brought Rebel Kicks to America from England. Shawn Stevens of Ohio has devoted his time and energy researching the breed throughout the world, and looking for outstanding animals to introduce into America’s Hereford genetic pool. Rebel caught his eye, and Shawn reached out across the Atlantic to Tom and Di Harrison of the United Kingdom. Together, after 18 months of planning, they were able to successfully import this important bull. His semen is stored now at Hawkeye Breeders in Iowa.
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This changes everything!


King Charles has a long history of supporting agriculture in England, and specifically regenerative and restorative farming practices. Here, King Charles is inspecting our own Rebel Kicks at the Great Yorkshire Show, where he won Hereford Supreme and Male Champion. That was a special day!

We think it’s fitting that Rebel has come to America, where the great Rebellion in 1776 changed the course of history of the world forever! We believe Rebel Kicks will change the course of America’s Hereford breed, with new genetics and resulting heterosis.

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